What is the black hole of internet marketing? It’s the place that you get to a point in your career (the beginning stages, the middle or the later stages) where you just feel as if all the life is sucked out of you and you can’t move forward in your thoughts, decisions or plan of action.  Will you reach this point? Hope not, but what will you do if it happens to you?

One of the main reasons that you may feel stuck, like something is holding you back is due to a fact called “analysis paralysis”.  This is when you have such a hard time makeing a decsion and that almost every move that you make is wrong or as if you are moving backwards.  Over analysing a project or trying to perfect a product before you get it to the market place is a major issue that people face.

How often does this happen? It happens almost everyday in someones life about making a decision.  We tend to short circuit the wiring in our minds to be able to think because we are in over or heads wiht every other litte distraction going on.  Analysis paralysis can happen at any point in time in your life or career.  It’s one of the main reasons why people are scared to pull the trigger on making a decision that can better serve and help their life.

A good example would be if someone offered you a $10K coaching program that you will need to pay in 48 hours, and if you follow what they have to share step-by-step you will make double your money back in 7 days.  96% of people will analysis every possibility and talk themselves into not taking action.  Is it their fault? No, they’ve been programmed to over analysis every little thing in their life and that’s what keeps most people back.

The small percentage that is able to break the bonds are the ones that tend to succeed in everything that they do.  They are fearless. There may be a small voice in their head that speaks negative thoughts however they know how to quite and still that voice to overcome what might have been and what is happening now.

Almost everyone falls into the trap of, get it right before you take it to the market place.  You don’t have to get it right, you just need to get it going.  By getting it together (talking about your very own product or marketing method) and putting it into action and in front of a crowd, they don’t know if it’s perfect or not.  You can always get feedback to make it just that much better and roll out a version 2.X of that same product.

More often than not, 90% of people who get started with internet marketing or building their business online (who are NOT disciplined) fall into the shinny button, I want it now or never syndrome.  That is a very dangerous place to be especially if you do not have rules in place.  You will buy everything that is thrown in front of you saying that you need it without justification.  Are you a bad person? No, we actually need people like that to keep our business going.  Truth hurts, we know.

What you want to do is unplug and get unstuck in this position.

How to get unstuck

As you begin to grow your business you’ll run into more and more opportunities to improve, automate and optimize your business.  One tip is to have a plan in place so you know the path that you are following to get to the destination.

The real internet marketers have funnels set in place to try to extract your money from you (all within good reason).  DO they know what’s best for you? Maybe.  You really need to have specific and a strict rules to follow.

By having strict sets of rules that you follow will tremendously help you and your business.  I’ll give you an example.  Lets say that one of your rules is to not buy any software that will not help you get closer to your goals.  So, you get an email with an advert (offer in your inbox), the headline states that this product has the latest and greatest bells and whistles on it.  You open the email, read a little bit of the copy and click the button. Next thing you know that you are on the sales page as this product looks interesting and is saying only 10% of what you have written down in your rules guideline.  So, you click the button and walla!  Transaction complete.

You then notice that this is something similar to what you already had (nothing is new under the sun).  You use the software, you’re semi-happy with the software and end up keeping it.  The hole as you get deeper and deeper into the sales funnel is vicious.  Learn how to break away from bad habits and set yourself up with strict rules and habits that you will adhere to just to make your life a whole lot simpler.

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Gregory Baskin is founder of GregoryBaskin.com, a website created to help the frustrated entrepreneur with creating online businesses, utilizing social media and other avenues available to generate the results they want. Greg consults with many online business owners and marketers and students helping them get the results they need. Greg is a expert at using the power of the internet to coach and teach his expertise and skills to others.

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