I’m going to get into one of the easiest ways with your online business to create money or create leads by creating an eBook.  You can use this eBook to upsell to your potential customers.  It comes in steps, with an eBook leading the pack.  Let’s get into it shall we. You’re going to learn how to make money with an eBook (it’s easier than you think).

What Is A E-book?

An eBook is an electric downloadable version of a printed book, blog post, group of articles that can be read on a computer or handheld device.  They are not hard to create as most people believe they are as you really need a word document that you can convert to a PDF (that’s really it).

Did you think it would be harder than that? Seeing all these eBooks and digital products that are floating around online.  An eBook is a great way to get your message or point of view across to potential clients and those seeking the knowledge that you are so willing to share either for free or for a price.

How long should your eBook be?

This question really depends on what your are creating a product about in your writing.  Your eBook can be anywhere from 8-100+ pages depending on your topic that you want to cover.  The average eBook is around 20-40 pages (depending upon the market/niche that you are targeting).

A 20 page eBook that is filled with actionable content is worth far more than an eBook that is 100 pages of pure hogwash and delivered no real value at all.  So, when you create your eBook don’t worry about length, deliver value within your content and have your book solve a problem.

If it’s more of a complex subject, well you’ll have a lot more explaining to do, won’t you?  However if it’s a pretty easy topic to cover you may have an eBook that is only 5-10 pages long.

TIP: Don’t charge money based off the length of your eBook.

I’ve seen eBooks that were only 15 pages that were $47-$77 because they solved a specific problem and the content was spot on.

What should you write about?

There are a variety of topics that you can choose to write about.

How To Outline The Chapters?

The easiest way to outline your eBook is to choose 1 MAIN topic and have from 5 to 10 sub topics.  It’s easiest to put this format down on paper or to use a notepad on your computer.  (I’m not saying to limit yourself to 5 or 10 sub topics, it’s just a starting point).

Say you wanted to create an eBook on the topic of Dog Training (this would be your main topic).  You would use this and break it down further into -Break the e-book up into sub-topics as chapters.  Example below

  • Dog Training (Main Topic)
  • Dog Training Tips (Sub-Topic)
  • Problems You May Face While Training Your Dog (Sub-Topic)
  • How To House Train You Dog Properly (Sub-Topic)
  • Why You Want To Use Positive Reinforcement (Sub-Topic)
  • What Type Of Dog Should You Bring Home (Sub-Topic)

Again, this is a just a quick way to create content for your eBook.  You can use the outline in the simple format or get more complex with the outline above.  Now, within these sub-topics you can create more sub-topics of sub-topics.

Once you have your outline, you now have 80% of your eBooks finished.

How to finalize it as an eBook?

One of the easiest ways to finalize your eBook is to use Microsoft Word and convert the document into a PDF file.  It doesn’t get any easier than this.  Of course you’ll want to make pretty covers and use all types of catchy graphics.  Listen, all that is good but the content is what’s important.

After you finalize your word document into a PDF, you can then syndicate it if you like into directories to drive more traffic back to your site or offer.  You can use it as a lead capture bribe, you can sell if for what the market is willing to pay.

Once you finalize your product you are now in control of how you want to market it.  If you want to use PPC, media buying, social media or email marketing…there are no limits on what you are capable of doing.

By turning your specialized knowledge into a digital downloadable product that is capable of being read on mobile phones and personal devices, you now have the opportunity to reach people that you may not have been able to before.

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