About Gregory

Gregory Baskin

I was born on January 27th and raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina, which I truly love because its four distinct seasons and very nice community.

I especially love Fayetteville because that is where I spent my summers hanging around with my friends and teammates.  I loved driving about an hour away to Raleigh since it was so close and at that point of time was more  of an actual city.  I could always go to South of the Border, Myrtle Beach or the Sands on the coast of North Carolina to get away.  I found that most of my time was spent going to Virginia Beach to get away.  I like to travel, play Basketball, Football (being a former collegiate athlete) and play Call of Duty (PS3).

I am also a dog lover as I have two Weimaraners.

In 2002 after graduating from Ohio University, for the first time, I thought with a Bachelors, “What do I do now?”  Like so many before me talking about the job market and to find security in a job I thought it was logical at that time.  Following the heard you can say.

In 2002 that was also the turning point as it became extremely difficult to land a career coming straight out of college.  Turning to a few services I landed a position at Bridgestone Firestone as a Sales Rep.  A position that I thought was pretty cool being that I was younger and I loved cars.  Little did I know that was the beginning of my sales career.

The service manager, at that time, we’ll call him Harvey, took me under his wing as he saw the hard work and dedication that I put forth with learning this new trade.  Of course we joked, told each other how bad and how they wouldn’t get the sale going out talking to the customer…we turned our time there into a game.

We battled back and forth to see who could get the BIGGEST service ticket (or how much money we could extract either in person or on the phone from these unsuspecting clients).  The biggest ticket for the day didn’t have to pay for lunch or dinner depending upon the time frame.

One day Harvey turned to me and said, “Greg, I want you to realize one thing….SALES makes the world go round.”  It didn’t sink in at that moment as I was focusing on going out into the showroom and closing this client on around $3500.00 worth of repairs that were needed.  Did I close that client that day?  Absolutely!

Harvey turns to me and says, “Great job kiddo!”

Little did I understand that there was a burning desire to learn how to sale, what to say, how to overcome objections, how to pivot to a different direction when I could read the body language that someone was saying without saying it.

Like everything that happens, all good things must come to an end and the service team broke up.  Harvey moved on, to another store as the store manager.  Knowing my ambition and hard work and dedication he recruited me to take the position that he had open as a service manager.

Working in the car business was not as easy as many perceive it to be.

Fast forward to 2008 (Turning Point June 5, 2008)

After college I started to become inspired by entrepreneurs, those wanting to create the jobs, not the ones looking for the jobs.  This affinity for finding a way to live the real meaning of the word “entrepreneur” has inspired me since.

Learning how to multiply my efforts with doing the same amount of work came with perfecting and crafting my skill.

In the early part of 2008 I began this journey on learning how to leverage and use the power of the internet.

By doing so I have become a serial entrepreneur who enjoys showing others how to craft and create their business online using simple techniques that are often overlooked  day in and day out.

On this particular day in 2008, I can remember it as it was yesterday, I was sitting in front of the computer researching information on how to make sales online.  (Somewhere someone must have emailed me about the whole ‘make money online’ niche but like most I just dismissed it.)

While performing this research I ran across a product created by Mike Filsaime called “Butterfly Marketing.”  I thought to myself, “What the H*** is this?!”, scratching my head sitting at the kitchen table in Monterey, California.  Like most great marketers they know where they want to take you and what actions they want you to take as unknowing potential customer.  I know, I did the exact same thing in sales at that time.

I was sucked into the sales copy and thought to myself, “What if I can DO this? Hmmmmmmmm.”

So, I sat there and thought to myself all the reasons why I shouldn’t and then asked myself, “Why I should.” I ordered the product, and no I don’t remember the exact price but it was worth it.  I whipped out my card, filled in my information in the order page and BAM!, it was done.  Now…all I had to do is wait 5-7 days for it to arrive?  Ok, so I was patient, but immediately after ordering I got a email from Mike.

I said, “I got a email from Mike F. ‘Himself’?! Wow he’s good!”, it even had my name in the subject line and the email copy.  Little did I know at that point in time what an auto-responder was or how to even THINK about putting a website together (like I do now).

A couple of days later a big box arrives from the postal service.  Like Ralph in the Christmas story I tore into the box looking for my Red Rider BB Gun!


THUMP?  Talk about over delivering!  I was surprised from how much stuff was in the box and I tore right into it.  Took out the manual and the rest was history as it opened my eyes to a brand new world and a brand new way of life and thinking.

From this day forward I was intrigued to learn more and more and as much as I could at a fast pace. Little did I know that information overload would take over and really ended up slowing me down and not knowing which direction was North.

A couple of months passed and things were starting to pull together as I learned how to affiliate market but there was so much too it (first starting out).

So now it’s 2009.  My website is up. GREAT! HOORAH! A couple of days have passed.  I began to ask myself, “Ok, where are the sales and where is the traffic?”  Little did I know there were different techniques, or courses, that I needed to invest in to learn more about traffic and sales conversion techniques.

*Huff* “Here we go again….I thought.”  I ended up learning from a magnitude of people over my online/offline (because what you learn online can in fact be used offline) career.  I’ve met some great people and created some awesome friendships.

Just to name a few of the people:

Mike Filsaime, Russell Brunson, Frank Kern, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill, Nathan Blaszak (which is now a very good friend), Ted Nicholas, Todd Brown to name a few before the list gets too long.

There’s SO much to learn and so little time for some.

My motto has always been, “Work smarter…NOT harder!”

Fast forward to today, in 2013, I love what I do. I enjoy helping people whether it’s online or if it’s in face to face communications (in person or over Google Hangouts).

Over the years I’ve learned that you have to really have an affinity for what you do or what you do will show how much you either enjoy or dislike it.

Thanks for taking to time to learn more about me and I look forward to serving you if you decided to do business together.


Gregory Baskin